Is David Blaine – the Magic King !

David Blaine’s Moving Tricks

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The Great Magician David Blaine performs many fantastic tricks. He is one of the world’s best trick performers. He has presented some great performance on both on the the television and directly before the audience. He does incredible tricks before everyone’s eyes and he does it so well that nobody notices how it has come to be.’ His trick comes to an end with a non card trick which freaks out everyone watching, In his performance, he has been receiving positive reviews and has been saluted greatly by some of the world’s icons like Michael Jackson who was impressed at one of his famous card tricks and told David Blain that the magic was real and he believed in it. He also performed the Crazy Card trick and The Disappearing Card Trick. His performance amazed Harrison Ford on the Real Magic television show.

In the recent past, David Blaine has been performing his great magic for the top celebrities in the world. This implies the popularity of his magical tricks and great entertainment. Here is how David Blaine performed the Disappearing Cards Trick on Jimmy Kimmel Television Show.

The Disappearing Magic Trick was performed in two parts. The first phase involved the spectator being told to hold a sharpie pen. In this case the spectator was Jimmy. He was invited to select a random card placed on the deck. He then picked the seven spades. He was invited to display the card for the audience, sign with Sharpie on which the seven spades were printed (Where there is Sharpie logo). Thereafter, Jimmy signed the card and inserted it back to the deck middle. He asks the audience to select another suit than that with the card so as to eliminate. The hearts are now chosen. In a miraculous manner, it appears that the deck is shrinks in David’s hands. Turning over the deck, only present are hearts suit and seven spades Kimmel had chosen. The audience applauds spectacularly at this magic.

The main phase of this trick is disappearing of the deck. The Sharpie part is an addition to the routine but it greatly enhances the main part.

In a nutshell, this was a very slick and interesting trick by David Blaine. His high entertainment standard enables him to remain up there alongside with the world’s other famous magicians. Apart from the Disappearing can trick, Blaine has performed many magical shows that has bought him the present fame and recognition.


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