Samsonite – The Legendary Suitcase Brand


samsonite bag.jpg


Samsonite is a very prestigious brand that makes outstanding travel bags. You see, Samsonite has over 100 years of experience, as they have been in the market from 1910 up to date. One Jesse Schwayder established the American company in Denver, Colorado where it manufactures many luggage and travel products such as suitcases, briefcases, toiletry bags and even backpacks. Initially the company was known as Samson, a name that represented strength, but in 1966, it was later changed to Samsonite. In all its years in the business, it has its share of problems but it always weathers the storm and today it boasts of being one of the most experienced companies dealing with travel products.Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside 21 Inch Spinner Currently, it ranks high in the list of best choices for travel or luggage product. Samsonite has stood the test of time, as its products are not only strong but also durable.


It is known all over the world. Samsonite rose to fame in the early 90s when it introduced a unique design that featured a hard shell as the outside casing. This design caught the attention of many travel enthusiast and consumers who started trickling into shops to get a hold of theses travel bags.

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These travel bags were extremely durable and could endure tough travelling conditions and still keep your belongings intact. These days with the use of the latest technology and materials, Samsonite makes lightweight luggage products that are maneuverable and easy to move around. Through time and experience, Samsonite has perfected durability, design, quality and versatility. Even with its many years in the game, Samsonite continues to make better products each year thus ensuring that it satisfies its consumers. Below is one of the top products that Samsonite has to offer.

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside 21 Inch Spinner

This new travel bag by Samsonite features Split Spherical Wheels such that each half of the spherical wheel can roll independently in the opposite or the same direction. This allows easy and smooth rolling on both smooth and uneven surfaces without use of too much effort. With one of these, you are sure to enjoy unparalleled turning ability and control. The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere has Textured TPR Coating and gel-infused push button locking handle system that provides for a perfect and comfortable grip. It can withstand even the most rigorous business travels. The rubberized, textured corner protectors protect the travel bag against wear and tear at the most critical contact points.

Samsonite has made great improvements on the Silhouette Sphere such that it is among the top in its line. Both the inside and the outside are packed with tons of features. These features include mesh, WetPak, modesty pockets, Tri-fold removable suiter and its case expands thus adding extra space for packing your belongings.

Not only does Samsonite make bags but it also builds the confidence of the traveler. It eliminates the worry of finding your belongings spilling or the wheels popping off when travelling. It builds your confidence that you will find your laptop in one piece just as you placed it. With over 100 years experience, Samsonite has perfected the art of making stylish, durable and innovative products that resonate with many travelers around the world.


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