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When it comes to monitors, does size really matter? Well, to some, size matters a lot while to others, that is a dead topic in itself. The Philips 4k monitor comes in a 40” inch ultra-high definition LCD screen well built with features that include the following; Here is a review of the Philips BDM4065UC 40-Inch UHD 4K Screen


To begin with, the Philips monitor has an ultra-high definition screen with resolution at 3840 x 2160. This offers a great utility ability for professional mainly engaging in CAD solutions, video and graphics use specifically 3D graphics. Presumably with a bigger screen the images and graphics appear clearer and come alive in better details than lesser inch screens. However, the same wide screen has some limitations as later mentioned in this review. See our BenQ review here.

The screen has built in speakers (3W x 2) making it more convenient for use and also comes with a Smart Ergo monitor base which can be lowered down almost to the desk level resulting to reduced strain and fatigue while working long hours on the monitor. With the stand adjustment you can alter the height (up to 150mm), the pivot (up to 90 degrees), the swivel adjustment (up to -65/65 degrees) and the tilt adjustment (up to -5/20 degrees). These rotation angles possibilities make it ideal for viewing even while using the monitor for gaming or editing.

The Philips 4k monitor has a nicely fitted cable management port, reducing clutter on the work space. It is fitted with 4 ports adaptable to USB (2.0 & 3.0), VGA, HDMI, DVD players, Set top boxes, A/V receivers, video camera and DVI- dual link. It also has a mobile high-definition link interface (MHL), that allows you to use and access audio/visual files by connecting your phone to the monitor, at the same time charging your phone.

The monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate that comes in handy while using it for video editing, graphic generation or gaming. And has a favourable pixel pitch of 0.16 x 0.16mm. It’s also fitted with a smart response of 1ms (grey to grey) making it a big and brilliant monitor to have. Withstanding, its vertical alignment panel (VA), makes colours vibrant and expressive.

The Philips 4k monitor, however has cons that include its weight which is 8.05kg with the stand and 5.25kg without. This would make it a bit tedious while moving the monitor or fixing it. Due to its big screen, one can easily detect ghosting images on the white space when rapidly shifting stuff on the desktop. For instance while gaming on the monitor on FIFA, you will immediately notice the players ghosting images as they randomly run the pitch and the cursor pointer leaves a trail of its color as the player moves and this can be a tad irritating and affect the view as you play or wok on the monitor.

However, with its smart response feature and big screen that’s slightly curved to improve on the view, the Phillips 4k monitor is considered relatively affordable considering its features and going price.



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