If you are a creative person, say a graphic designer, photographer, CAD artist or video editor, you will most likely fancy the BenQ 4k monitor. It’s specially made for creative professionals with appealing features that go along with the nature of work. Whether you are a creative or not, but in need of a new monitor, here are a few reasons to consider the BenQ 4k monitor as your next purchase. Try this site for top 4k monitor reviews in 2017 | Best Viva

The LED monitor is a 32 inch ultra-high definition composition that offers an undisputed optimal colour precision and accuracy with display resolution settings going up to 3840 x 2160. The monitor settings comes in handy especially for photo editing tasks and can be used in CAD/CAM mode tasks, animation work, video editing and graphic arts. It’s also ideal for gaming on several PS 3 and 4 consoles.

The BenQ monitor has inbuilt speakers plus a height adjustable stand that has a hotkey puck button at the base. One can adjust the monitor vertically up to a length of 7 inches depending on their preference. With the hotkey puck button, it allows you to switch between various editing modes as you work. These modes range from CAD/CAM, darkroom or Animation display mode. The hotkey puck button hence allows you to work uninterrupted without switching to settings on the screen display.

The BenQ monitor comes with and eye protector sensor that has low blue light settings to help protect your eyes from prolonged use of the monitor. It also has an inbuilt ECO sensor that detects non activity on the monitor for 40 seconds before turning the monitor to sleep mode and immediately turns it back on, once you walk up to the monitor. As a power saving tactic, it completely switches of the monitor upon detecting much longer periods of inactivity, up to 2 hours long.

When it comes to ports, the monitor has one DS card slot and 4 USB ports on the right side of the monitor. These are pretty well arranged as compared to other monitors USB port placements.

On the flipside though, the monitor weighs a bit heavy with a 28.6 pounds unit. This would make for a tough task installing it or moving it to a new location. Another point of contention about the monitor is the fact that, though the colour pixels are well displayed on the monitor, it also has distorted colour uniformity settings on the far off ends of the screen. For instance, a blank white page would appear ununiformed with a grey gradient colour appearing on the far end of the screen and white in the rest. A blank black screen will also expose a similar indictment with ununiformed black gradient colours appearing on the entire screen. Hence citing a need for improvement on the next model.

This however does not take away the overall incredible display settings the BenQ 4k monitor possesses and due to this, it has been well appreciated among creative professionals and other great monitor buyers.×2160/dp/B00O1B5M9I


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