PHILIPS 4K MONITOR REVIEW video:   When it comes to monitors, does size really matter? Well, to some, size matters a lot while to others, that is a dead topic in itself. The Philips 4k monitor comes in a 40” inch ultra-high definition LCD screen well built with features that include the following; Here is a review… Continue reading PHILIPS 4K MONITOR REVIEW


Video:   If you are a creative person, say a graphic designer, photographer, CAD artist or video editor, you will most likely fancy the BenQ 4k monitor. It’s specially made for creative professionals with appealing features that go along with the nature of work. Whether you are a creative or not, but in need… Continue reading BENQ 4K MONITOR REVIEW

Samsonite – The Legendary Suitcase Brand

SAMSONITE Video: Samsonite is a very prestigious brand that makes outstanding travel bags. You see, Samsonite has over 100 years of experience, as they have been in the market from 1910 up to date. One Jesse Schwayder established the American company in Denver, Colorado where it manufactures many luggage and travel products such as… Continue reading Samsonite – The Legendary Suitcase Brand

TRAVELPRO Travel is Fun with this

TRAVELPRO Video:   Travelpro is one of the top brands in the world of bags and travel accessories. It is one of the few brands that never disappoints. For more than two decades, travelpro has been a leading brand and has centered most of its bags on design innovation and superior durability. Travelpro is… Continue reading TRAVELPRO Travel is Fun with this